How to Authenticate - Bape - Neck Tags

Time: Early-mid 2000's to 2005
Sizes: XSmall - XLarge



Time: 2005/6 through 2007
Sizes: XSmall - XXLarge
Details: Color-coded based on size.

Women's X-Small tag, color coded Yellow:

Small tag, color coded Red:

Medium tag, color coded White:

Large tag, color coded Blue:

XL, XXL tag, color coded White:
Bape did not make sizes 3XL or 4XL, however they do appear on the tag.)

Time: 2008 to Present
Sizes: XSmall - XXL
Details: Since late 2013, some tees are made in China. These tags will say "A Bathing Ape" instead of "Made In Japan".
Comments: Limited production of size 3XL in 2013.

Name: Baby Milo
Time: 2005 to 2007
Details: Only used on Baby Milo branded items. The letters held by Milo correspond to the size. This tag was used only on T-shirts.

Alternate version used on tees and cut & sewn:

Gold Foil
Time: 2007 to Present
Details: Can be found attached underneath the tags of nearly all Bape items.
Comments: Should not be used to determine authenticity.

Bape 20th Anniversary
Time: 2013

Name: BAPE
Time: 2005/6 through 2007

How to determine authenticity:

  • Letters are not too bold
  • Correct spacing, ie. no excess white area
  • Small shadow exists where the curved pieces of the "B" meet (circled)
  • BAPE shadow extends all the way to the lower left corner leaving no white border
  • BY *A BATHING APE is indented to halfway below the "B"
  • Approximately 1.5 inches in width

Alternate version used on reversible items:
Attached to the side hem instead of the neck.

Name: Bape Classics
Time: 2008 through 2010
Details: Classics stitched in gold foil.

Name: Made By Human
Time: Mid-2009

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